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I wanted to hire a personal trainer. A friend recommended Rob DeBrino. When I looked him up online, a facility named "Good Energy" in NJ has him listed as a trainer as of 2013. When I got to their facility, they informed me that Rob is no longer employed there. I was able to figure out on my own that Rob left on his own accord to start a new gym named "One Fitness" in Northvale NJ (

Why would Good Energy Training leave Rob on their website - that's false advertising, especially since Rob left several YEARS ago.

Here's the false advertising page:

Review about: Personal Trainer.



Rob used to train me years ago when I lived in area before One Fitness and once His personal business got off the one compares to him as a trainer...he is no nonsense and is a great motivator..the best!!! Hope he reads this...Rickee West Nyack, the crew.


Rob DeBrino definitely does NOT work at

Not sure why they keep his profile on their website - especially a dedicated page in his name which is linked from their main menu and website footer.

This is false advertising, especially since Rob DeBrino is a prominent name in New Jersey for personal training and his highly-acclaimed "Rob DeBrino's Baseball Acedemy".

Shame on you, Pete Ohnegian :-(


Rob DeBrino does NOT work for Good Energy / Pete Ohnegian. He has not been there for MANY years.

Rob is co-owner of which is located in beautiful Northvale NJ 07647.


Good Training is located in Allendale NJ and owner is "Pete". Rob is a celebrity in sports fitness and personal training in North Jersey - Northvale, Old Tappan, and the whole area actually. That is crappy of and they should have taken Rob off their website years ago.

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